Eco-friendly Pom-Poms to make the Fan Experience for Sporting Events More Sustainable

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Plapom Pom-Poms are for fans who love sports and saving the planet - one cheer at a time!
- Dre Jackson
Forever Fans
Planet Friendly
We help fans cheer for their favorite players, teams, and the planet!

At PLAPOMS, we combine our passion for biodegradable products with our mission to revolutionize the fan experience, offering sustainable PLA-based pom-poms that showcase team spirit while actively reducing plastic waste in the sports industry.

We wanted to combine our love of sports and planet earth!

Inspired by our experiences at Penn State University, we founded PLAPOMS with a deep commitment to sustainability, aiming to raise awareness about plastic waste by offering PLA-based pom-poms that revolutionize the fan experience with guilt-free team spirit and eco-consciousness.

Plans making big impacts

At PLAPOMS, we combine creativity and sustainability to offer stylish and eco-friendly pom-poms that ignite team spirit while contributing to a greener future, crafted from biodegradable PLA material derived from natural resources, showcasing our commitment to reducing plastic waste and providing high-quality, customizable options for sports enthusiasts to make a positive impact on the planet.